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The HCG Diet Steak Day is used when you hit a plateau point or stall in your weight loss during the HCG Diet. Most people who do the HCG Diet will get to a point where they stall or will stop losing weight for a few days in a row. This period is known as a plateau and can be overcome by completing a Steak day. A stall consists of 4 days without losing weight. When you hit the plateau most people worry that they have done the diet wrong or messed up somehow. Do not worry as a stall is very normal and can happen even if you follow the hCG diet protocol to perfection. Knowing that plateaus are normal on the HCG Diet, knowing what to do, and taking action to get back on the “weight loss train” will have you set up for success right from square one. The best way to get over a stall or plateau is a Steak Day. Dr.Simeons, the creator of the HCG Diet, talks about doing the Steak Day for Phase 3, however, most hCG dieters use the Steak Day for Phase 2 to get over a stall. How to break a plateau using a Steak Day1. Drink 8-12 glasses of water.2. For dinner, eat a steak the size of your hand. That is all it takes. Do Not eat for the entire day and have a steak for dinner and then the pounds will start melting off again. Steak Day works by giving your body a shock. Your body most likely has adapted to the diet plan you are eating on and you need to send your body a curveball to keep that metabolism melting those pounds away. Dr. Simeons also mentions that Steak Day is effective because it contains important protein in such a large quantity. Protein which is provided by the steak is a natural diuretic and is perfect for the situation. Eating this large amount of steak will shock your body and have you back to losing weight the very next day because you will be back to the 500-calorie diet. If it is just the start of your diet and you have a stall don’t panic, just complete the steak day and move forward. The steak day should only be done if you have followed the diet for 4 or more days and have not lost any weight. Tips for the HCG Diet Steak Day Keep a food journal when you keep a Food Journal for Food Log it is easy to look back and see why you plateaued or where your stall may have come from. Then you can fix the issue and move forward with confidence. Weigh in Properly First off how do you know if you are losing or not losing if you are not weighing in properly? Weighing in properly starts with a quality scale that gives you an accurate reading each time you step on it. Also, in order to be precise, you should weigh yourself in the morning of each day after you have used the washroom wearing the exact same amount of clothes. For instance, many men just jump on the scale each morning in their boxers. Instead of wearing jeans in the evening and getting an inaccurate weight. Follow these instructions along with the tips and tricks provided here and you will have a successful Steak Day to keep you on track for your weight loss goals Happy Dieting!

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