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I was brought to the idea of the HCG diet when I had been talking to one of my professors about her weight loss and how successful it had been. She told me about this “HCG Diet”, how it had been three years and the pounds hadn’t come back yet! I have always struggled with certain types of food, as they seem to pack on my body and never leave! I’m not an over eater, but no matter what I did, it either didn’t last or it didn’t work. I was tired of it, to say the least. I was tired of doing all the right things without the results. So, here we go, I decided to begin the HCG Warrior Diet. I started on a short round, but I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see the final results. I prepared and measured and weighed all my food for success, bought my drops and started. Day 1 low calorie: was so easy!!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I thought I would be eating my fingers off, but those loading days must be a real thing lol, because I didn’t struggle at all. I highly recommend packing in that food during loading! I know it seems so counterproductive but I found it super helpful during the rest of the diet. Plus, you get to eat all the best stuff that you’ll be missing. I think the best thing about the diet is the fact that since you cut out ALL sugar and carbs, instead of (like some other diets) finding substitutes for those cravings, they all together just go away. If I could give a couple tips, it would be to 1) eat simple. Roasted chicken and vegetable. Easy. that kind of thing. Don’t try to make a knock off of your favourite dish, it’s a short diet and you can do it! 2) try not to cook for anyone else. I think that was the hardest part. I would have to cook for my spouse and he wouldn’t be eating 4 oz of bare chicken and celery! So try to make stuff ahead and freeze it or buy some frozen pre made foods. At the end of the diet, I was thrilled. Clothes that I had kept and hoped would soon fit, did! I felt better, I was happy and best of all my food wants and desires changed. No, I don’t even want the donut so why have it? It was like an amazing cleanse! In the end, I finished the short round and lost 16 pounds. Pretty crazy!! On HCG, everyday, in the morning after going to the washroom, I would weight myself. That is the best idea ever on this diet! When you see that you’ve lost 2 pounds over night, and then later on in the day someone at work brings in food for everyone, you’re not even tempted. You’re just thinking “nope, I’m gonna lose another 2 pounds today and it’ll be so worth it!” It’s a great motivator. Some days you only lose half a pound, and that’s great too! How long does it take to lose all that weight on a regular regimen? Every half pound counts!! I wish everyone the best on their own experience. But if you have struggled as I have, if you have given up and grabbed that bags of chips out of hate for yourself, or even just need something to help get you comfortable for the Mexico trip next summer, give this a try. This will be my go to after having kids, for sure. Eat healthy, clean foods for a short or long round and see the difference. I’m so happy for where HCG has gotten me, but I’m not done yet. Next, I’m going to start a long round and get off all the rest for good! I’ve taken my break and now it’s time to see the change once again! This is as close as you’ll get to the “magic pill”. Good luck everyone?

Amanda L

Mission BC, Canada