Down 125 LBS!

Down 125 LBS!
I’m shy but i REALLY stand by your product and I want the whole world to know what it did for me, and if done CORRECTLY like i did it, can do for so many others. So i guess I would TRY to do a video for the sake of those who are obese like I was.
Ive gotten countless messages asking about the HCG at GNC and many other companies, but, I plainly state that I can ONLY swear by Warrior cause THATS who i used, and there are so many fakes out there these days. 
I did the diet 3 times to get those results! I was 278lbs and now down to 150lbs. My loose skin is even at a minimum and I am 37yrs old. 
I am going on vacation in about an hour so i’m pressed for time and will touch base with you when I get back an have recuperated! lol
Thanks for the speedy response!

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January 28, 2016

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