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You’ve worked hard to lose weight, but keeping it off can be just as difficult. That said, the HCG Diet makes it easier for dieters to lose weight and to maintain their weight loss. There are, however, some things you’ll need to do to ensure the results last long after your diet has ended. If the scale starts to tip in the wrong direction, don’t be alarmed: maintaining your weight loss after the HCG Diet can be as simple as getting enough exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and managing your stress levels.

Get Enough Exercise

To maintain your weight loss, exercise is extremely important, especially after the diet is finished. After the diet ends, increase your exercise and monitor your calorie intake. Ensure your weight stays within the 2-pound range of your last dose weight. This means that your weight stays within 2 pounds of your weight right before the diet ended. Exercising the recommended amount is all you need to help you stay on track. Generally, you should get at least 30 minutes of exercise 4 to 5 times per week.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The HCG Diet is the starting point for a healthier diet and lifestyle. But, if you want to maintain your weight loss, you can’t go back to old eating habits after the diet ends. You can, however, gradually add back the starchy vegetables and whole grains you had to give up in Phase 3 of the diet. To remain healthy, you must eat healthy foods. Healthier foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, lentils and fruits metabolize better, thus giving you more energy overall. So, you’ll have the energy to exercise, a high metabolism and even the ability to lose more weight.

Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Stress is a major, but often hidden and ignored culprit of weight gain. It changes hormones in the body, which leads to emotional eating, excessive eating, lowered metabolism and more. Keeping your stress to a minimum will help ensure you avoid weight gain after your diet. Ask your physician or other nutrition, health and fitness professionals for helpful tips on how to lower your stress levels.

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