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We get it. You want to lose weight, but you’re also hungry. You can’t just starve yourself or just keep eating vegetables and expect to feel healthy and fulfilled as you work on your weight. And while we don’t want to give up our favorite foods, we also don’t want to feel deprived.

This makes the HCG protocol such a game-changer. This weight loss protocol helps manage your hunger to feel satisfied with even small servings of food—and it gets results!

What Is HCG?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone produced by pregnant women’s womb cells. In medicine, the HCG hormone treats fertility issues and promotes weight loss in women with hormonal problems, such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

But for dieters, weight loss HCG protocols have another use: HCG drops control hunger levels so that the process doesn’t feel like a deprivation. When paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, HCG can help you lose up to one pound per day!

What Is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a weight loss program and medical treatment used since the 1950s to help people lose weight, improve fertility, and correct hormonal imbalances. The HCG diet limits suppress your body’s average production of hormones and tell it to burn fat for energy instead. This helps reduce your calorie intake leading to rapid weight loss.

The HCG diet is also straightforward to follow because you have no calories or portion sizes to count—you just eat whatever you want from a list of allowable foods. You can still enjoy meals with friends and family, but with severe calorie restriction. The only catch? You have to stick with it for four weeks straight before seeing significant weight loss results.

Are There Any Benefits to This Very Low-Calorie Diet?

Absolutely. Some of the most potent benefits of very-low-calorie diets, such as the HCG Diet, include:

  • Calorie restriction increases the burning of unwanted fat
  • It ensures more excellent retention of muscle mass
  • Caloric restriction helps women with weight problems, such as PCOS, high blood pressure, and obesity, to lose weight faster
  • It promotes a slimmed-down hips, buttocks, upper arms, neck, and abdomen
  • It stabilizes the metabolism after the weight loss phase

Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle with this weight loss aid will help the results of the diet program last longer.

Get Started Losing Weight With the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a natural, clinically proven choice for overweight patients. Not only does it aid in weight loss and hinder fat buildup, but it also encourages healthy habits by incorporating changes to sleep exercise and healthy eating habits.

After taking HCG drops for weight loss, our clients experienced dramatic weight loss, increased stamina, and better well-being. If you want an easy and safe weight loss regimen, consider HCG drops from HCG Warrior.

Have more questions? Feel free to visit the FAQ section on the HCG Warrior website. If you’d like to speak with one of our friendly staff members about our approved HCG drops, call us at 888-400-2311 or contact us to learn more.