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When was the last time you felt down or defeated?

Like nothing at all was going your way?

Like, no matter what you did…

Everything around you felt like it was falling apart?

Maybe an unexpected event took a big, hefty chunk out of your piggy bank.

Maybe you got into a heated argument with a friend or a family member out of the blue.

Maybe you went to put on your favorite pair of denims and you couldn’t get them buttoned up… again.

Whatever it may have been…

I feel your pain.

Life can be a real pain in the rear sometimes.

And from personal experience…

Sometimes when it rains… it POURS.

But here’s the thing…

Just because you’re going through something difficult…

It doesn’t mean you have to paint your world in 50 shades of black and gray.

It doesn’t mean you have to mope around and act like an Eeyore about it.

Because guess what?

The single-great power you possess is that…

You get to CHOOSE how you respond.

That’s the “secret” that’ll set you free.

THAT’S the silver lining.

No matter what happens in your life —

The hardships you face…

The “bad luck” you get served…

The life-altering problems that appear or of nowhere…

The ONE THING you can be sure to control…

Is your attitude towards every bit of it.

Does that make sense to you?

Look at your situation for what it is:

A temporary defeat.

A TEMPORARY setback.

What’s happened has already happened…

And no amount of groaning, moaning, whining or complaining is going to make it any better.

It never has, and it never will.

So take a deep breath and let that tension go.

Relax your shoulders.
Relax your forehead.
Relax your jaw.

Now tell yourself it’s going to be okay.

Tell yourself you’re going to get through this.

Tell yourself you’ve got the strength, the courage and the ability to overcome ANYTHING life can throw your way.

Because guess what?

You do, you can… and you WILL.

You ARE that strong.

And it’s about damn time you start believing it.

In this life, your attitude is EVERYTHING.

It’s the single most important determinant of how you’ll feel throughout your day and your life.

Have a bad attitude? Expect a bad day.

Have a good attitude? Expect a good day.

Have a great attitude? Expect a GREAT day.

It never fails.

And here’s the best part of all…

You get to CHOOSE your attitude every step of the way.

So the next time you’re feeling down or defeated…

Like everything is falling apart and the world is crumbling away beneath your feet…

Remember this:

No amount of worry has ever solved anyone’s problems.

Shift your attitude and start looking for SOLUTIONS.

Because this defeat is only temporary…

And IT WILL get better.

But it’s up to you to see the light.

And it’s up to YOU to choose the way.

Rooting for you always,

– Kurt the HCG Warrior

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