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Kurt the HCG Warrior here.

Do you ever feel like you’re making little (if any) progress towards your weight-loss goals?

And no matter how hard you try, how diligently you work, or how patiently you persevere…

You’re just not moving forward?

It’s frustrating. I know.

I struggled with that myself for years.

But here’s the good news:

You may be closer to reaching those goals than you realize.

Much closer.

And to show you why, let’s talk about bamboo.

Now, as you may know…

Bamboo is a towering plant native to Asia. And like all plants, bamboo needs water, rich soil, and sunshine to grow.

But here’s what’s strange…

In its first year, there are no signs of activity from a planted bamboo seed. In the second year, again, nothing. In the third and fourth year, nothing, not even a sprout!


You plant a bamboo seed and faithfully care for it for YEARS…

… yet nothing happens.

Wouldn’t you feel frustrated?

Wouldn’t you begin to wonder if you wasted all your effort?

But then in its fifth year something amazing happens: the bamboo seed doesn’t sprout — it soars!

In fact, the bamboo shoots up 80 feet in just six weeks!

But hang on a second.

Did the bamboo really grow 80 feet in six weeks after doing nothing for 5 years?

Or, during those five years underground — when no progress was visible on the surface…

Was the little bamboo seed growing a robust and powerful root system that supported its “overnight” success?

The same applies to you and I.

Sometimes it feels like we’ll never reach our goals, even though we’re doing everything right.

But if we practice patience, faithfulness, and follow a proven plan with consistency…

Then our success is almost guaranteed. But it takes time.

Is it easy?

Heck no!

In fact, it’s often very, very difficult — especially when it looks like everyone else has it far easier than us.

And you know what? It’s okay to get frustrated, fed up, discouraged, and disappointed… for a moment.

But don’t linger on those emotions. They don’t serve you.

Instead, dust yourself off, fix your eyes on your goal, take a breath, and then take another step forward.

And remember…

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Do that…

And you WILL reach your goals. I promise.

Rooting for you always,

– Kurt the HCG Warrior

PS – If you feel like you’re making little (if any) progress towards your weight-loss goals…

Do 👏 Not 👏 Give 👏 Up 👏

I cannot stress that enough.

Eventually… you WILL get there.

But you must keep going.

And if you need a little help kicking things off…

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