Having an Apple Day can help you break an HCG plateau. A plateau is a 3-4 day period in your HCG Diet where you are not losing weight. This is also called an HCG Diet Stall and must be handled acordingly. Some individuals don’t understand how the HCG apple day is supposed to work so we answered all the most common questions about the Apple Day.

What Do I use Apple Days For?

Apple Days are used to break through a plateau or a stall you’re having with the HCG diet. 1-2 days without losing weight is not a plateau. Be on the lookout for 3-4 day stalls before you consider an apple day.

When Should I begin my Apple Day?

You should begin this at lunch and then continue through to lunch the next day, 24 hours total.

What is the Limit on Apples I can Eat?

You are allowed to eat up to six large apples during this time. You can eat half here and half there but make sure you do not exceed the six apples as it may not break your weight loss plateau if you do.

Do I Need to Eat the Apples at Certain Times?

You can eat them when you like but it’s best to use them to replace your meal. You can then eat one in between your meal if you find that you’re getting hungry again. Make sure you don’t exceed 6 apples in the 24 hour period.

Can I Eat Anything Else on my Apple Day?

You cannot eat any other food during your Apple Day. Stick to the game plan and it will work wonders. Have one gram of meat and it could thwart the whole mission of breaking the stall.

What Should I drink During my Apple Day?

You should only be drinking water during the Apple Day. 8-10 glasses of what per day is recommended though you may only want to drink enough to satisfy your thirst. You may feel that you don’t need much water on the Apple Day as the apple itself supplies a lot of water. Either way, try to get as close to 8-10 glasses as you can.

Can I do My Apple Day at Any Time of the Week?

If you are using HCG drops, you can do the Apple Day on any day you like and it will be effective. If you’re using HCG injections then you should never start the Apple Day on the day you don’t take a shot. If you are skipping one injection day a week for example, then don’t begin the Apple Day on that particular day. If you are a woman and having a menstrual cycle and not taking shots, then don’t start the Apple Day at that time.

Can I Lose Weight on my Apple Day?

You probably won’t lose weight on the Apple Day. This can help you lose weight on the next day because you’re eliminating water. The water weight shouldn’t be gained back once you resume the 500 calorie diet. If you stay on the HCG protocol moving forward you’ll continue to lose weight each day.