Most Women who have a little belly fat left over from pregnancy would like to get rid of that as soon as possible. So, how long do you have to wait before doing the HCG Diet? Everyone knows that having a baby in your tummy for 9 months can really change the look of a woman’s body from top to bottom. This dramatic change can have a massive affect on a persons self esteem and even their state of mind. So when you finally have your baby, it’s normal that she would want to lose weight the weight fast and get back to looking great as soon as possible. These days most pregnant woman turn to HCG drops for fast and safe results. However, this is not recommended if she plans on breast feeding for the first year or so. Most know that there are numerous benefits to providing the baby with breast milk instead of formula. In fact, only if your baby has an allergic reaction to breast milk, nursing will always be a healthier option. It is healthier because of all the nutrients that is passed via the mother to the baby through the mother’s milk. To make sure the little one is getting all the nutrients it needs, mom should be on a balanced diet and eating lots of good whole foods. In fact, women who are nursing their newborn must eat at least 500 Calories more than other women. Unfortunately, consuming a diet that only allows a total of just 500 Calories per day is definitely not a good idea. You will just have to hold off on the HCG Diet until you are done nursing your newborn. There is good news though! If you are going to be nursing, you may a slight advantage when it comes to shedding that excess weight. There are some women who lose all the weight they gained during pregnancy during the breast feeding period. It’s imperative to note that breast feeding isn’t the sole reason not to do the HCG Diet. There are two other good reasons not to do the HCG Diet right after giving birth. Immunity, thats right, a very important reason to not start your HCG Diet right away is because pregnant women produce a lot of the HCG Hormone naturally, so if you started using HCG right away you will not get the best results based on the fact you had it in you system for months already. You would be immune and the HCG product would be wasted. After Having A Baby How Long Should You Wait to do The HCG Diet? 1. If you are nursing your child, the recommended wait time is approximately 3 or 4 weeks after you complete your breast feeding until you can start the HCG Diet. This is assuming you breast fed for 6 months or more. To be clear: DO NOT do the HCG Diet during the breast-feeding period. 2. Pregnancy causes a woman’s hormones to go a little wacky. So making sure your body has lots of time to recover back to normal before beginning the HCG Diet is very important. It is recommended to wait 5 to 6 months if possible. This is, of course, if you are not planning on breast-feeding. This topic is a hot one that I have researched for a while now and have complied this information for you to take and use if it can help in any way . The advice given in this article is safe and sound and has been verified by multiple doctors. However, this information in no way should be taken in place of your Doctors advice as each persons body is different.